Introducing Awestruck Biophilic Design - bringing the outdoors indoors through the exploration of wellbeing


The space in which we live and work has a direct impact on how we feel. Harleen Mclean specialises in emotionally intelligent interior designs creating environments that support your personal well-being. Bringing about the best you can be through interior design. Reach out to improve personal relationships, sleeping patterns, living habits and productivity at work with Harleen Mclean’s signature interior well-being design.

Harleen Mclean is an internationally recognized interior design studio dedicated to integrating well-being into aspects of design. We understand that the surrounding environment can influence our everyday emotional, cognitive and physical well-being. Harleen Mclean has developed a signature design code from which more inspired, healthier and mindful living and working habits can flow. By working with your internal state, Harleen Mclean can transform your interior space and built environment for the promotion of your personal well-being.

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