How to Turn your Home into a Plant Loving One?

Want to design an urban jungle in your home?  Green with envy over Instagram’s plant porn? Then you have come to the right place! We are going to be talking about all things green and what are the best house plants to have in your home.

Houseplant Interiors

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House plants have been proven to provide a variety of benefits to both our mental and physical health. Indoor plants offer two potential benefits for us: Improved psychological(mental) well-being and improved physical human health (e.g. general health).

The Psychological Benefits of Indoor plants:

  • Reduced stress levels.
  • Increased work productivity (a great excuses to add house plants to your home office).
  • Improved mood.
  • Improved attention span.
  • Increased speed of reaction in a computer task. (more efficient with your workload).

The Physical Health Benefits of Indoor Plants:

  • Reduced blood pressure.
  • Reduced fatigue and headaches by 20-25%.
  • Help increase oxygen levels and clean the air. 
  • They deter illness.
  • They can boost healing.
Credit- Mind Food
Credit - Mind Food

    Have a House Plant Revolution

    There’s never been a more perfect time to kick off your house plant revolution especially now as we are all spending a lot more time at home over the next couple of weeks.

    The attraction of indoor gardening is that you can introduce houseplants to your home whenever you like. So where to start?


    Match plants to the amount of time you realistically have.


    1. Find Plants for your Level.

    Don’t worry if you have not managed to keep up with the maintenance of your house plants in the past. All you need are hardy plants that will grow regardless of what you do them. The perfect plants for this would be Cacti, Devil’s Ivy or the Sweetheart Plant. Another great one would be terrarium’s where you could get creative and make your own ones at home. This is an amazing way to create a feature within a room.

    Sweetheart Plant  Devil's Ivy  Cacti      

    Any space in your home can be greened up with easy houseplants


    2. Accessorise your Bedroom with Greenery

    Bedrooms should be indoor sanctuaries of peace and relaxation. Do you feel relaxed and calm in your bedroom? Then plants are the perfect solution as they can bring calm to any room, they also act as air-conditions to purify and improve the air quality within a room. Some plants release oxygen at night, this can help you get a more restful sleep. The best plants for this would be Aloe Vera, Peace Lily and Orchids.

    Aloe Vera   

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    Peace Lily   

    Credit - Crocus, Spathiphyllum 'Bingo Cupido', peace lily


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    3. Plants can Help with your Floor Plan

    Use plants to break up the different areas of your home, to create privacy screen or to add a focal point to a large room, or even just to add a wow factor to the room. The perfect plants for this would be a Chinese Windmill Palm or the Bushy Fiddle-Leaf Fig for greening up a corner.

    Turn your living space into a green jungle

    Wall Plant Divider Staircase Living Wall

    4. Start an Indoor Kitchen Garden

    Mint and Basil are great herbs to start with, they both like light, bright windowsills and to be watered every couple of days. You can also try Chives and Chilli Peppers but try go for the garden centre variety rather than the supermarket plants as they are designed not to last very long.

    Keep herbs on hand for that recipe you’ve always wanted to try

     Garden Kitchen  

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    Garden Kitchen

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    5. Don’t Forget the Bathroom Bloomers.

    Your bathroom is the perfect home if your plant doesn’t need streaming light and lots of attention. Go for foliage heavy plants rather than flowers, but if in doubt play it safe and stick with Ferns like the Asparagus or Boston Fern. Although, if your bathroom has no natural light then no plant will last that long. For a more dramatic effect, try a tall, bushy Kentia Palm, this will add elegance to even the smallest of bathrooms.

    Bathroom Plants

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    Neutral Bathroom

    Credit - Zara Home 2018

    Boston Fern

    6. Mini Gardens for Intimate Interiors

    Indoor gardening isn’t just about big flower displays, even the smallest of flats can be filled with tiny plants. Air plants have had a revival and any mantel piece or shelf can be filled with an array of pots. The ideal small plants would be a Fan Plant, Fern Arum, Emerald Ripper or Mexican Firecracker. Almost anything can be a plant pot such as pen pots, tin cans and teapots, a great way to recycle and up-cycle any objects in your home.

    Cacti will grow in almost any pot – so get creative!

    Plant Pot Wall  Upside Down Plant Pot   

    Credit - DforDesignstyle

    Mantle Piece Shelving

    Credit - Etsy, String of Hearts "Rosary Vine" or "Sweetheart Vine" Ceropegia Woodii

    7. Trailing Plants: Let it all Hang Out

    Trailing plants a very popular and an easy one to look after and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. The Macramé is the perfect plant for this as you can group them together. Alternatively, group plants together on a shelf to create the perfect ‘shelfie’! If you can’t hang anything from the ceiling, use wall planters or plant stands of various heights to add personality to the room. Or even just fill a shelf with plants such as; English Ivy, Silver Vine, Spider Plant and Chain Cactus.

    Shelves, wardrobe’s, cabinets they can all be softened by greenery.

    Macramé  Show us your best Shelfie ?

    Credit - Apartment Decor

    8. Houseplant up your Home Office

    More and more of us are working from home, especially in the current situation of isolation. The colour green can relieve stress and encourage stability, perfect for when you’re working under pressure with tight deadlines. They can also help your concentration. Why not share your desk space with succulents or a finger tree or even a money tree which can add tiny glimpse of green to the smallest of spaces. A multi toned snake plant or elephant’s foot are low maintenance and tolerant. Which is great if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands.

    Breathe…calmer cleaner air in your home office

    Home Office  Get Creative with your Home Office

    Credit - Loop Living, Wall Plant Hanger With Matching Planter

    9. Make an Outdoor Indoor Garden

    This is your chance to get creative with your houseplants to create a garden within your home. A great plant to use could be the Ficus Tree which can be shaped as you would with a hedge. Adding lots of variety of plants can create multiple colours and textures that can be as beautiful as outdoor garden is, just on a smaller scale.

    Make an outdoor indoor garden  


    Fiscus Tree



    Houseplants are great way to add greenery to your home, they also provide massive health benefits to you. Plants can act as kind of ‘pollutant sponge’ as they absorb all kinds of toxins in the atmosphere, from carbon dioxide to various volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released from many common man-made products that we use in our houses. Such as paint, furniture, carpets and cleaning products. Plants are able to remove these toxins from the air through their leaves and stems.

    Plant Lighting


    This is why we all need plants in our lives and why everyone should add a splash of greenery to their home.