Cotswold - Interior Installation

The brief for this project was to marry the traditional old Cotswold house with the modern extension. We used fabrics to translate this concept, through the use of bold colours and modern patterns, in order to unite the old with the new.  Each room brings together new colours and patterns to evoke a new mood and story throughout the house.

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The Cotswold interior design, also known as the storybook style, is a type of architecture that is based on houses that are found in the Cotswold England region. Most homes in the Cotswolds feature a prominent chimney, which is typically located close to the entrance of the home. King mullions as well as steep roofs are two further distinguishing elements of this structure.

The Cotswold’s interior design style of architecture first appeared before the end of the 16th century and continued to thrive during the 17th century. The 2nd and 3rd decades of the 20th century witnessed the height of the Cotswold style's popularity. This period is considered to be its heyday.

HMI’s Costwold Design Objective

The objectives of this work was to create a harmonious combination of the classic old Cotswold house and the contemporary addition. We were able to convey this idea through the usage of fabrics by employing daring colour combinations and contemporary patterning in an effort to bring together the modern with the traditional. With the help of our best interior designer Costwolds, each room in the house features its own unique collection of color combinations to create a distinct atmosphere and narrative throughout the entire home.

The Cotswolds are well-known for having an old-fashioned and traditional country atmosphere. It is brimming with interior design ideas thanks to its cosy taverns, majestic manor residences, trendy barn conversions, and historic yet contemporary hotels.

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