Introducing Awestruck Biophilic Design - bringing the outdoors indoors through the exploration of wellbeing

Kenya , Interior Refurbishment

The brief of this project was to create harmony within the home through the use of long lasting fabrics and influences from the outside environment, inspired by the Tropical Savanna. We used bold shapes, colours and fabric to match the Tropical Savanna environment in order to create tranquility through out the house. 

Apartment Renovation - Kenya

The inspiration for this project was to bring the outdoor space in, and make the balcony the focal point of this installation. Influenced by the beautiful view of the park below. We created this by installing big mirrors around the apartment to reflect the park and immerse outdoor enviroment in.  Indoors we created a white canvas for the clients paintings to hang, which created a vibrant and warm mood throughout the apartment.

Interior Installation - London

 Ricardo is passionate about sustainable forestry. He specialises in renewable energy using natural systems in nature. His home is a reflection of bringing together what he practices into his lifestyle. In this project we chose paintings that express fluidity and  fengshui to embrace the wind and water elements of nature. To purify the air we used moss on a wall. The splash back evokes walking in the forest and bluebells as a sign of spring. The Amazon rainforest and it's natural biodiversity inspired the artwork in the bathroom.

Interior Installation

This project was inspired by bringing together the old with the new, originally a Cotsworlds house merged with modern architecture. We used fabrics to translate this concept, through the use of bold colours and modern patterns. In order to unite the old with the new.  Each room brings together new colours and patterns to evoke a new mood and story throughout the house.

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