We at Harleen McLean Interiors provide the following services...

Mood Board and Colour Consultations

Do you have ideas and projects that need to come to life?  Creating mood boards and colour consultations are in my blood. During a MB&C Consultation I'll take your ideas, colours, and choices and create a Biophilic mood board using patterns and elements to bring your vision alive.

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Interior Design Consulting Services

Our Interior consulting design services offer flexibility. We are extremely time efficient, with most designs finalised within 2 to 3 weeks of the project start date.

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Biophilic EDesign Services

Our Biophilic EDesign Consultation allows you, the Office, Space or Homeowner, the ability to implement the design in your own time, in a way that suits your budget best. Our e-design services are a collaborative effort, where you have the opportunity to work one on one with me through E. meetings, phone calls, emails and on site.

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Healthy Home Office Design

We live in a digital workspace.  To ensure your meetings are productive we design a Personal Office Space that reflects your ambitions, brand and are goal purposed.  Your Home Office is your brand, and your gateway to success.

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Project Management

Project Management: our belief is that the space you live and work in should represent you. Whether you are at home or in the office, when you walk through the door our Biophilic interiors leave you satisfied and nurtured. 

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Biophilic Workshops

Biophilic Workshops each week we feature a selected topic to explore for 30 minutes. Each webinar includes specialists in various disciplines. Our workshops are packages that train you in creating an end result in a project you want to undertake; we give you the know-how and confidence to progress.

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Interior Products

Our Interior products are well made and designed to suit your personal signature. We tailor make bespoke products designed in collaboration with your ideas, ambitions, preferences and choices to bring your original projects to life.


At Harleen McLean Interiors we incorporate biophilic elements established in Terrapin Bright Green’s foundational report on 14 Patterns of Biophilic Design: Improving Health and Well-Being in the Built Environment.  At the root of our Biophilic interiors we create a relationship between patterns in nature as well as subliminal cognitive stimuli bringing to the fore the benefits of well-being in our interiors.

We hope you will choose to be a Biophilic home.